Our specialty is doors. In addition to selling a huge variety of doors from outstanding vendors, we also have a state-of-the-art door machine. The door machine allows us to create flawless frames and doors that are ready for installation.


No matter what shape or style you want, we can find exactly the window you want. Check out our store for samples and literature.

Overhead Doors

From large industrial, to standard garage size, we sell all types of overhead doors. We offer doors constructed from a variety of materials, with or without windows, in just about any size.


Anything we sell we can install. Our lead installer, Kim Heinzelman is an expert carpenter who has spent his career honing his craft. In addition to Kim we also have specialized overhead door installers who can easily work through the challenging task of installation and balancing.


To keep an overhead door running smoothly and safely, regular maintenance is required. We will arrange a maintenance program with you that will ensure you get the most value out of your overhead door.


About Us

The Quesnel Door Shop provides a wide range of windows and doors, with great service and prices... more about us

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